Wellcom e to fotoPaisaje, my personal web page.

If you arrived to this point because you viewed some of my photos in other web site, probably you will find a lot of them here, as well as many others not published yet.
It is possible that this page will grow in the future. It is possible too that it will be improved, because now it is only a draft.
If you want to receive information about any improvement or modification you can send a message to my distribution list and I will send you an advertisement for each of them.

You can find my photos in other places of Internet, mainly in photo.net, naturescapes.net, photosig.com..

In any case, I hope you enjoy your visit to my web page

06th September 2009

Galería de Besalú

30th August 2009

Galería de Besalú

View point of a simple onlooker of the decorated streets of the village of Aguaviva (Teruel).

08th june 2009

Galería de Besalú

Summer season, insects age.

fotoPaisaje is a website with a clear thematic, the nature photography. Athoug it is possible that I will include some different thematics.

Anecdotery - News
Ver Todo

October 2009

Other time Digital Photo from Uk publish some of my photos in some of their central pages.

September 2009
DigitalPhoto, a fantastic digigal photo magazine with basis in UK, publish one of my photos in a double page location this september.

January 2009

Recently I incorporated a new CANON EOS 5Dmkii to my equipment. This camera come with a new lens, CANON EF24-105L .

November 2008

PhotoPlus, other time, in the issue 15 (nov 2008) publish some of my photos: in the cover and inside a special autumn photography article .

June 2008

PhotoPlus, a magazine to the Canon users, in United Kindom publish one of my photos in their "PhotoPlus Inspirations" section, on June this year.

Send postcards with my photos
Ver Todo

Now , if you wish, you can send electronic postcards wiht some of my photos. I need to give thanks to NOVA TERRA GALLERIA by happines offering to be involved in their project.
Using the image on the left, you can send a postcard with this photo, but if you want to see the whole list, push over the "view all" button under this words.