Sea Histories (V)  

Seascapes are one of my favourite photographic specialities, probably because they allow me visit a great amount of places, thanks to my dear Costa Brava, source of wonderful and amazing scenarios.

    Sea Histories (H)  
Fotos in the sea, all of this from my dear Costa Brava. I'm sure I never capture all his amazing beauty. You can find here a liltle collectio of this. .
The pattern of trees, finding a backlight illumination in the last or hours of the day, when de the magical light give this amazing feel.
    El Bergantes (H)  

For my The "Bergantes" river represent the food of my hearth, I have my roots inside it. In some sense I grown near it and today I can still smell their fragrance on my memories.

    El Bergantes (V)  
Ohter set of images of this wonderful river. I wish you can see as I want to remember.

The nature sometimes give you patterns, colors and lights that take your attention. That gallery contains a collectios of this kind of photos.

    Amapolas (V)  

Four years ago I began to take photos to this kind of flowers. From my memories, I recover a great field of poppies near of my village, when I was a kid. I remember a painters group that visit this field one spring: they like to paint too this kind of flowers.

    Amapolas (H)  
In this case a collection of horizontal photos of this wonderful kind of flower
One year ago I begun a exercise of take photos to the four seasons, and finally I decided to do it using the flora.